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ITHS (It's The Host(s) Stupid

 Ratings for this year's Oscars were outstanding, and up substantially over previous years.  Why?  Well, it certainly wasn't because of the 15 minute long Best Actress and Best Actor preludes, or the giant wall of lamp shades.  That's for sure.  All in all, I thought this year's Oscar telecast, as a show, was pretty terrible.  So, what had people tuning in so heavily?  Duh.  Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.  They were hilarious, as expected.

So, note to the Oscars.  ITHS.  It's the Host(s) Stupid.

People like funny.  So, let's lay off dancing guys in tight pants.  It doesn't even have to be a stand up comedian (although that obviously helps).  Find someone funny who can tell a joke.

Or, better yet--ask Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin to host until their deaths.  Kind of like a Supreme Court Justice.