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Friday, 19 March 2010
Thank God Ghostbusters 3 Might Be in Trouble

 Rumors are swirling that Sony wants Ivan Reitman off of Ghostbusters 3, so they can hire a younger, hipper director to shepherd the "reboot" of the franchise.  This after Reitman convinced his buddies, Bill Murray, Harold Ramos, Dan Aykroyd, and Sigourney Weaver to come back for more limited role in a third installment.  See, what Sony wants to do is have the old dudes people apparently don't care about anymore--train some young whippersnappers and "hand over the reins."  So, Sony is thinking, not only are we going to do one more Ghostbusters film, we're going to try to 16 of them, and every time the current cast gets old, we'll just get new guys.  Not a bad idea, in theory, right?  Here's the thing, though.  That only works if the new guys are good.  If the film version of The Dukes of Hazzard taught us anything, it's that sometimes the magic that was there with a writer(s), cast and director cannot be "rebooted."  Sometimes, movies, and franchises, work because there is a considerable amount of "magic."  It's just a feeling you can't put your finger on.  The stars aligned, and there you have it.  We know if the writing is there (and it will/would be with the excellent team of Stupnitsky and Eisenberg from "The Office"), Murray, Ramis, and Aykroyd would deliver.  And, we'd all be happy.  Even though we don't really like sequels in the first place.  Clearly, Sony has no respect for the original Ghostbusters franchise, or the guy who made it happen.  And, they are obviously intent on changing what actually worked.

Frankly, I'd be thrilled if the whole thing fell apart, and went away.  

In a time when studios should be working very hard to invent new franchises to exploit, they are increasing relying on anything remotely familiar.  Our recent story about someone securing the rights to Erector Set, basically a kid toy version of scaffolding, should tell you everything you need to know about this current market.  Someone actually thought, Erector Set, a studio would want this.  Really?

All most of us can do these days is stick around, and hope this whole thing is cyclical.  That, or come up with an Erector Set take.  Because we're really at an impasse.  The future of the business is at stake.

And, unfortunately, I don't feel very good about it.

Posted on 03/19/2010 7:18 AM by Todd Carr
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