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Wednesday, 17 February 2010
Hughes Deserving of Stand Alone Oscar Tribute

 It's hard to believe that people are actually complaining about this, but it seems a few are bent out of shape over John Hughes getting his own Oscar tribute.  Many believe that his name and face should be mentioned right along with all of the other fallen on Academy night.  I disagree.

Greatness is rare, and John Hughes was great.  He was also a director and producer.  He was a brand, like Scorcese, Speilberg, or Copola, and changed film forever.  He defined Generation X.  He produced the most successful comedy of all time (Home Alone).  Thousands of writers grew up on Hughes, and hoped to have a sliver of the success he had (including me).  Many of those who pass on, and are mentioned were memorable, but were they great?  Did they transform film forever?

Proponents will argue that Paul Newman didn't get a tribute when he passed away.  This is true.  Many other great actors have not been singled out, either.  I can certainly see their side of it.

I guess what makes this different for me, in the final analysis, is that many of those other great people were given a lifetime achievement award in other years.  Hughes was never honored, and certainly should have been.  So, in my mind, I think of this as a kind of posthumous award.  (Which, I think would actually be a great idea).

It's simply Oscar making a wrong, right. 

Posted on 02/17/2010 2:03 PM by Todd Carr
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