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Sunday, 20 December 2009
James Cameron is in Love

 James Cameron is notorious for being a gigantic a-hole.  Let's just get  that out of the way.  He's a demanding perfectionist who pushes his crew to the point of mutiny.  He's prickly on a personal level.  But, deep down, you know James Cameron has a poster of kittens or koalas hanging on the wall somewhere.  You know, the one where they're dangling from a tree and the caption reads "hang in there!" 

Deep down, James Cameron is a romantic and a softie.

It's why he made Alien.  It's why he made True Lies.  It's why he made Titanic.  It's why he made Avatar. These days James Cameron is still in love with his creatures, but he's also deeply engaged in the depth of human existence and emotion.  Avatar is a film about falling in love--with a planet.

Now, there are some who think Cameron is still just  as big of a jerk as he was before.  And, that might be the case.  But, it's hard to fault someone for being a little grumpy while filming a 200 million dollar film.  There's just  a wiiiiiittle bit of money at  stake.  I don't know very many people that could chuckle and shrug their way through something like that.  Truth be told, most people like working for a guy like Cameron.  He's a leader--driven, ambitious, knows what he wants and how to get  it done.  It's an opportunity to be a part of something groundbreaking.  There are a lot of folks who owe their careers to the guy.

So, in the end, it does seem odd to pin the word love on such an ass.  Maybe James Cameron is evolving.  Maybe, like Scrooge, his cold heart is starting to beat again (even if his crew doesn't realize it).

Whatever the case--it works.

Posted on 12/20/2009 6:54 AM by Todd Carr
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