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Monday, 5 October 2009
Letterman 'Revelations' Only A Surprise to His Wife

 So, David Letterman has banged members of his staff.  Gee.  What a shocker.  Everyone has known for years that he's a womanizing asshole.  Everyone, except his long time girlfriend and wife apparently.  What's odd is, she was a member of his staff at one point.  She was one of his chicks.  Now she's pissed that he's still doing these sorts of things?  Or, is she just pissed it went public?  I guess now that he has a kid, she expected him to stop doing these sorts of things.  Hilary Clinton did too.  We saw how that turned out.

I find the whole thing hilarious.  First, he tells America about it on his show.  Then he makes a terrible joke saying that the whole situation is especially embarrassing for the women he banged. That had to make his wife just giddy.  Every married guy in the world laughed, then cringed.  My wife would hit me with a skillet if I was caught cheating, then made a joke like that.  

It's almost like Letterman is making something that no one would give a shit about worse by continuing to talk about it.  Shut up.  

I've always liked Letterman as a comedian, but I've never really admired him for any reason.  Why would I care what he does when he doesn't have a camera pointed at him?

Seriously, man.


Posted on 10/05/2009 6:16 PM by Todd Carr
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