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Wednesday, 16 September 2009
The Tonight Show, I Mean Jay Leno Show

 Wow, Jay Leno really changed things up on his show.  He got rid of the desk.  It's totally different now.  I hardly recognized Jay, to be honest.  Getting rid of the desk made him look twenty years younger.

Seriously, is this a joke?  

Imagine how Conan O'Brien feels right now.  You get your big break hosting the Tonight Show, and then NBC announces, oh, wait, Jay is going to do a 'not the Tonight Show, even though it will be just like the Tonight Show' show in the 10pm slot.  Thanks, NBC.  Oh, but Conan, Jay will provide a great lead in audience for you (that's how they might have sold it).  Even though we left you twisting in the wind for months this summer.  Oh, and there's this little thing called the news in between the two shows that might kill off your lead in.  Forgot to tell you that.

So, what happened?  The Tonight Show audience, knowing Jay is coming back, moves on, waiting to migrate to the 10pm slot, and leaves Conan holding the bag.  It's no wonder Conan's ratings were so horrible and he was getting beat by Letterman re-runs.  Not to mention Jimmy Fallon taking over Conan's spot.  Fallon is funny, but just isn't a late night host, in my opinion.

Hey, this might all work out in the end.  You never know.  But, personally, I think it was a major strategic error.  Not to mention taking Leno out from behind the desk.  NBC might manage to weaken (or destroy) both of their Late Night franchises--with guys who are not performing well, and are poor fits for the audiences--just to hitch their wagon to Leno, an aging performer.  Think about that.  You get a few years of Leno, and then... have nothing.  Scorched earth.

Look at Brett Favre.  People decide to retire all the time, then undecide.  But, let's call a spade a spade.  NBC basically took the Tonight Show and moved it into prime time.  Which is what they should have just done in the first place--in overt fashion. 



Posted on 09/16/2009 6:18 AM by Todd Carr
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