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Thursday, 27 August 2009
Will it Ever Stop?

Normally I'm totally annoyed by news of a remake.  But, today's news that Fox and Sony TV are planning to revive Heathers as a TV series makes me want to put my head in a wood chipper.  Here's the thing.  It would probably be okay if studios and networks did remakes well, but it just seems like they can never get it right.  Most of the time, that's because the originial was so good, so unique, that recreating it is a very very difficult task.  

Film studios are scared of their own shadows these days, but what is television's excuse?  Networks and studios get piles and piles of original specs and hear thousands of original pitches.  At some point executives are going to have to walk over the paint and get out of the corner.  Watching terrible things with "built in audiences" (Cavemen?  Are you shitting me?) get an opportunity over great original projects is pretty disheartening.  Particularly when those 'built in' shows end up sucking balls, and fall flat.

TV scribes Mark Rizzo (Men in Trees, Leap of Faith) Jenny Bicks (Sex and the City) are collaborating with Sony Pictures TV (where Bicks has a deal) and Lakeshore Entertainment (the Heathers rightsd holder) to develop this thing.  The original film was about a girl named Veronica Winona Ryder) and a clique of mean girls all named Heather.  When Veronica meets J.D. (Christian Slater), the new guy at school, they rebel and start killing the Heathers, covering up the deaths by faking them as suicides. How that will make for a great TV show, I have no idea.  "We had the title, and talked about doing a film remake at times," said Lakeshore prexy Gary Lucchesi. "But doing it for TV 
seemed like a fresh and original idea."  
What he meant to say was, "Ka-ching!"
I'm always happy for writers who find work in this marketplace, but seriously, some of this shit is really starting to get ridiculous.  Some of the things you thought might be untouchable are getting molested. 
Posted on 08/27/2009 11:31 AM by Todd Carr
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