Date: 16/06/2019
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 Word on the street is that when NBC/Uni transitions to Comcast, Zucker will be jettisoned, and someone new (who does not suck the life out of the network like a black hole) will take his place.  Feel free to dance naked in the street.  Even people who aren't writers understand how badly Zucker has sucked, and will dance with you.  Most people will point to the recent late night fiasco, but Jeffy has a long, long list of suckitude.  There won't be any wrongful termination suits here.

My vote for a replacement is Kevin Reilly.  I really liked the guy when he was at NBC.  That's it.  My only criteria for hiring the head of a media conglomerate.  If I liked him.  That, and road kill could do a better job than Zucker at this point.

Or, hey, here's another great idea.  How about bringing back Warren Littlefield, the last guy you canned so you could hire the Executive Producer/wonderboy of the Today Show?  How about bringing Littlefield back to fix this mess?  More free advice from angrywriter.  We really need to start charging for this stuff.  Seriously.