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Thursday, 06 May 2010

 I finally got around to watching the Conan O'Brien interview on 60 Minutes last night.  Yes, my DVR is set to record series on 60 Minutes.  Mostly because it makes me look like an intellectual when people come over, and can pretend to be randomly flashing through my cue.  "Oh, look at all of these 60 Minutes episodes I watch relentlessly trying to raise my awareness on world issues."  Works like a charm.  Anyway...Conan looked pretty worn out, and pretty sad.  I know he was trying to make it sound like he was okay, and everything was alright.  But, he looked like NBC killed his dog, then set set the carcass on fire.  I mean, the dude waited 15 years for The Tonight Show,  and lasted 7 months before getting the yank.  I don't care who you are, how secure you are as a human being, or how confident, that has to be a king size shot to the fruit basket.  "Oh, it's cool, I'm on TBS now."  Um, okay Conan.

As usual, I blame Jeff Zucker.  When my water heater broke a few weeks ago, I blamed Zucker.  When I couldn't figure out how to put replacement wiper blades on my car today, I thought about how Zucker must somehow have been involved in the design of the blade, just to make my life a living hell.  I secretly want Jeff Zucker to be mistaken for a terrorist, and sent to a secret CIA prison where he's water boarded and forced to watch season two of Heroes over and over again.  In short, when someone asks me what's wrong with the world today, I simply say, "Jeff Zucker."  People always nod and say, "We need to do something about him."

I do think it was a little choice of Conan to say he wouldn't have taken The Tonight Show gig back, after leaving.  I would have.  Oh, hey, do you want that job back where you work 8 hours a day listening to people pitch you terrible jokes and you do a 45 minute monologue and interview famous people?  We know it only pays $50 million a year, but..." 

Posted on 05/06/2010 12:54 PM by Todd Carr
Friday, 16 April 2010

Looks like Harvey and Bob are getting Miramax back--no idea why they sold it in the first place., to be honest.  From the Hollywood Reporter:

It looks as if the Weinsteins have managed to fashion a winning bid in the Miramax auction and will take back operating control of the company they founded in 1979 and sold to Disney for $80 million in 1993.  Running the process internally, the Burbank studio for months has been soliciting offers for the recently shut specialty-film unit and its 611-title library.  Miramax founders Harvey and Bob Weinstein had been building enough financial muscle to put together an offer of $600 million or thereabouts, seeking to top bids from such rival suitors as businessmen Alec and Tom Gores and a more controversial one from Hollywood wheeler-dealer David Bergstein.

You know, I've learned a very valuable lesson from this.  When I build my 611 title library with a start up film company named after my parents, I'm never going to sell it.  I'm going to give it to my children.  And, their children.  And, their children.  No wait--forget that--then they'll just be a bunch of lazy nitwits who don't do anything but play shuffleboard and lawn bowl all day.  I'll give my library to charity.  Something really worthwhile like PETA, or Idol Gives Back.  A film library is like an NFL team.  Twenty years ago you could have given the right person a back rub, and bought the Detroit Lions for $50 million.  Now a team costs a billion dollars.

If you think  $600 million seems like a lot to pay,imagine being Harvey and Bob.  They're sitting there right now thinking, we sold this shit 15 years ago for $80 mil, and now we're paying $600 to get it back?

Absolute craziness.

Posted on 04/16/2010 2:18 PM by Todd Carr
As expected, MGM was put on the block, and no one was really that willing to pony up a billion dollars, or whatever they were asking, to buy the company's
For years ABC Family has languished in developmentally challenged hell.  There's just no way around it.  They have.  Talk to anyone who


 Rumors are swirling that Sony wants Ivan Reitman off of Ghostbusters 3, so they can hire a younger, hipper director to shepherd the "reboot"
 Ratings for this year's Oscars were outstanding, and up substantially over previous years.  Why?  Well, it certainly wasn't because of


 It's hard to believe that people are actually complaining about this, but it seems a few are bent out of shape over John Hughes getting his own
 I was excited for the Super Bowl.  For one, my childhood team, the Colts, were in the big game.  Two, they were playing the Saints, pretty


 Word on the street is that when NBC/Uni transitions to Comcast, Zucker will be jettisoned, and someone new (who does not suck the life out of the
So, Miramax finally closed it's doors.  Most of us saw this coming years ago.  Once Harvey and Bob left, it was curtains for the company.  The


Don't know if you've heard, but Netflix is killing it right now.  Their earnings are through the roof, they're growing, and the future looks very
 Generally, I prefer the Globes to the Academy Awards.  It is unique because the best from film and TV are in a room together for one night.


Leno and Conan.  Man.  What a cluster%$#@.  If a network executive ever wanted to look completely and utterly useless, this is it.  I
I have gotten some e-mails from a few people asking me what they should do if they are not making money from writing (but used to), or can't find work.


Here's my New Year's gift to you.  It's a term I have been using for years, and it always impresses the hell out of people for some reason.  I
A number of readers have contacted me asking for my prognostication for the entertainment business in 2010.  One added, "please try not to be


Lots of people hate Meryl Streep.  She gets nominated for every role she plays.  She seems kinda bitchy.  For an older woman, she's nowhere
 James Cameron is notorious for being a gigantic a-hole.  Let's just get  that out of the way.  He's a demanding perfectionist who


I was watching Jeff Zucker's appearance on CNBC today (I watched it online, so I'm not sure what day he appeared on CNBC).  I came to the conclusion
 So, Comcast is buying NBC.  Wow.  The people who can't even give me a reliable interenet connection are going to be running an already


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